Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

     As a consequence of the events of the past year – politically, economically, socially – I’ve decided that I’d like to share my thoughts and opinions on some of these things with the wider world. How wide will depend upon my skills as a writer and whether what I write is worth reading.

     My educational background is in the field of engineering, though my true passion is American history, particularly the Revolutionary period (as an aside, history does not pay nearly as well as engineering and has, therefore, become a hobby).  Despite no longer being a student, I have continued to read general histories of the American Revolution as well as biographies of the Revolutionary generation (I’m currently reading a fantastic book entitled “Paul Revere’s Ride”).  These books eventually drew me to read the actual writings of the Founding Fathers, and to date  I have managed to complete Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”  and several of his other writings and have begun the Federalist Papers. 

     My aim for the coming weeks and months is to review these books and discuss what the Founders actually wrote. From there, perhaps it will be possible to discuss these beliefs and how they influenced the establishment of our Republic.  Yes, this is a rather large undertaking; however, I think it’s an important one and brings about a discussion that I believe is missing in modern America, namely, the general role of government in our lives (as opposed to the role of government in individual “issues” as they occur). 

     While these more academic topics will be the main focus of my blog, they won’t be the only focus.  With only about 6 weeks to go until NFL training camps open, I will occasionally find time to discuss (read: rant about) the status of the Buffalo Bills (my hometown team), potentially the Buffalo Sabres (though I generally don’t pay too much attention to hockey until football season is over), and perhaps my dabbling in weekend woodworking (during which I pretend to be Norm Abrams).

     I do have a couple of requests for those who may come to read this blog.  First, these are lengthy and difficult readings on weighty topics, so my progress will be slow (I’m hoping to post about once per week, perhaps more if time permits).  Second, I encourage anyone who has an opinion to feel free to post comments, but I demand that they be respectful and free of profanity (I welcome opposing viewpoints but there is no need for being rude or profane while attempting to make a point).  Finally, if you like what you read, please forward the site along to your friends.  The more the merrier! 

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